Product Review: Spin and discover ocean musical toy by VTech

September 18th, 2012

© Spin and Discover Ocean Fun by VTech

Think of the worst song you have ever heard. Then think about that song playing on repeat for the rest of your life. “1-2-3, count the animals with me!” It’s more like, “1-2-3, will somebody please shoot me!”  The Spin and Discover Ocean Fun is designed to help your baby develop an awareness of cause and effect by pushing a starfish plunger and watching the animals spin round and round. The 3D turtle, dolphin, crab and octopus characters light-up buttons introduce the animals, while the same horrific song plays over and over and over again. Even Phil Connor’s stay in Punxsutawney wasn’t this painful.

Daft Daddy Rated (2/5)




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