Product Review: Letter Factory DVD by LeapFrog

January 2nd, 2013

© Letter Factory by LeapFrog

Daft Daddy’s DVD collection leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly Xanadu, Zapped!, and Breakin’ 2 – Electric Boogaloo are still in my rotation. So when I brought home the Letter Factory DVD by LeapFrog for my son wee Mac, my wife wanted to throw it in the bin as fast as she could. And I couldn’t really blame her. But after I told her the reviews were off the charts, she reconsidered. Learning letters is easy when Professor Quigley takes Tad on a tour of the Letter Factory, where he learns the letters of the alphabet and the sounds associated with them with fun and catchy songs. At 15 months, my son not only loves this DVD, but he is already learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet! I don’t see anything stopping him now – until I have to explain to him the X sound in Xanadu.


Daft Daddy Rated (5/5)


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