Jeni’s Birthday Weekend

April 30th, 2011

© Sixteen Candles

There are two things DaftDaddy has learned about women. The first is that women hate to acknowledge their birthdays. Apparently getting older is worse than missing the Half Yearly Sale at Nordstrom’s. The second thing I’ve learned is if you don’t plan something big for this not to be acknowledged birthday, you’re going to spend more time in the doghouse than Dino.

Although Jeni won’t admit it, she can be more sensitive than Samantha Baker when it comes to planning something for her birthday. And because I’m no Jake Ryan, I always need to make sure that I make a good effort each year. But this year is a little bit different as we’re trying to save money with the arrival of wee Mac – so I had no choice but to choose the thoughtfulness route and cross my fingers that she likes it.

I woke up early on her birthday morning and washed her car. I then took it to a gas station and filled it up with gas. Now this may not seem like much, but it went a long way with Jeni. Especially because when I came home I made her breakfast in bed – Belgian waffles with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. So with the help of a gift card we received as a wedding present for dinner that night, I managed to pull off a memorable birthday for my pregnant wife, and save money for wee Mac at the same time. Times are changing my friends. And so is DaftDaddy.


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