Do You Have to Give Birth to be a Mother?

May 10th, 2011

© Dallas

I thought this was a legitimate question when Mother’s Day was approaching. With Jeni being 25 weeks pregnant, wee Mac was still the size of an eggplant – not to mention still in her belly. So I wasn’t sure how to celebrate Mother’s Day with her this year. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t want to watch the Lakers / Mavericks playoff game – which turned out to be a good thing as Dallas crushed LA – making me hate Dallas so much that I wished it was me who shot J.R.

Originally I had planned on making her breakfast in bed like I did the week before on her birthday, but Jeni pulled a Wimpy and was craving a cheeseburger. So we decided to go to this new burger joint that everyone was all excited about. It reminded me a little bit of The Max, with the exception that Zach and Kelly weren’t smooching in one of the corner booths. Everything was cool until I decided to put my foot rather than my burger in my mouth. When the waiter wished us a Happy Mother’s Day, I turned into Screech Powers and said, “Well she’s not a mother yet.”

Much like my burger later that evening, my response didn’t sit well with Jeni. She wasn’t angry as much as she was annoyed. At first I didn’t see anything wrong with what I had said – hence the Daft part of DaftDaddy. But once Jeni explained to me all of the sacrifices she has had to make just so wee Mac can continue punching and kicking her like a bad Steven Seagal movie, I had to reconsider my position. So to all you future dads out there, make sure you acknowledge Mother’s Day even if your wife is just pregnant. Otherwise you may end up like J.R. Ewing.


Responses to “Do You Have to Give Birth to be a Mother?”

  1. Steven Carrington Says:

    Sorry Daft Daddy. I was that post coming and should have warned you.

  2. Tina Woods Says:

    Ok, I’ll jump first.
    Free dictionary defines Mother as:
    a. A female person who is pregnant with or gives birth to a child.
    b. A female person whose egg unites with a sperm, resulting in the conception of a child…similar to a. but “slightly” more graphic.
    c. A woman who adopts a child.
    d. A woman who raises a child.

    With some families having difficulties conceiving a child and having adoption and the only way to expand their family, or a female family member taking on the role of Mother due to family difficulties, military leave, tragedies- a Mother who perhaps lost a child, etc. I think this definition, which went on much further, really covered its pre-cheeseburger bases with a good helping of Mylanta just to be on the safe side on what a Mother is. 🙂

    I can truly see how a little slip up like that could happen, and why it could be hurtful. I mean, I say Happy Mother’s Day to friends who have no children but rodent sized dogs instead. Absolutly say it to someone who you KNOW is expecting. While pregnant with our son Connor (keeper of my soul, second LOVE of my life, can I get an AMEN!!)I really took care to take care for him. Our lives are put on hold, alien things happen to our bodies and hormones, and magic happens.

    Being a Mommy, two years in, I can absolutely say is the highest paying, round the clock FULL time job I could ever want. I’m sure Colby would say the same about being a Daddy. We’ve so many wonderful experiences already, with exponentially more to come. Congratulations and my warmest wishes on your new family journey!!

  3. admin Says:

    Cheers for writing in Tina! That was great!

  4. Tina Woods Says:

    It sounded much more sarcastic in my head…in a Lisa Kudrow from friends kind of way. Glad you liked it. Colby said the Steven Seagal comment was like a dagger in his heart 🙂 I’m sure he’ll get over it.

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