Do Your Chores

June 14th, 2011
© The Brady Bunch

Dear DaftDaddy-

Some parents don’t think children should do chores, believing that it’s not their responsibility to cook or clean. Other parents believe children would learn necessary life experiences by regularly doing their part in household chores. What do you think?

Craig from Honolulu, HI



Dear Craig-

DaftDaddy is well aware of the debate whether or not a child should be required to do chores. And although some believe that children should not do chores, DaftDaddy agrees with the many parenting and childhood experts who believe children can benefit from doing regular chores. And why not? Even the Brady kids had to do chores and they had Alice. A few chores that are age appropriate can give children a greater sense of self-responsibility, importance and confidence. Plus chores can give your children the extra money they need to buy you a silver platter for your anniversary without having to appear on the Pete Sterne Amateur Hour.



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