Would you bring your son to a tea party?

May 15th, 2012

© Sweet Valley High

Daft Daddy has a secret. And no, I’m not talking about the time I read the entire Sweet Valley High series. Daft Daddy is a tea drinker. There, I said it. Perhaps I started drinking tea when I lived in Scotland, or maybe I was just a big fan of Mr. T growing up. Either way, I drink it and enjoy it. But my good friend Meri over at 3 Tomatoes has herself in a bit of a pickle. She has triplets – two girls and a boy. The girls enjoy hosting tea parties, and her son isn’t one to miss a party – or any party for that matter. However, many men raise an eyebrow when she tells them her son attends his sisters’ tea parties. She thinks men should man up and have a tea party with their kids no matter what their gender is. So the question is, would you bring your son to a tea party?


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